Artist Submission :: Southern Exposure :: Bradley Hyppa :: 12.07.2012

Application Materials (PDF)

Thank you for the opportunity to share my work with you. I will begin with a few short paragraphs introducing my perspective and methodology before concluding with my response to the questions raised in the application guidelines.

visual support

My current work is an exploration of the relationships and meanings derived from the spaces I find myself in. With the use of video I encourage unconsidered perspectives of the socio-spatial constructs inherent of each place, revealing a visual field to the viewer that fluctuates between a feeling of presence and an escape from perception; both deny a conscious translation. This allows the viewer to consider alternative narratives about the built environment impressed on them by the visual colors and forms sequenced in the videos.

Pursuing a Calculated Distance :: sculptural video works w/ acrylic, wood, projections, crts, and lcds :: 2011

The work provides a means to understand the difficulties of considering the impact of space on agency by removing the familiar from the source, rendering the traditional means of understanding as unclear; reinforced by my decision to use a painterly approach rather than the cinematic lens most viewers are accustomed to. The videos are a gateway for participating viewers to perceive, reconstitute, and impart meaning. Rectilinear elements challenge their occupied surfaces by shifting the perspective of the viewer from the concrete towards the illusory characteristics of space. These characteristics rearrange experience through melodic patterns of rendered distortions, contractions, and expansions between background and foreground.

arbitrary rendering for an irrational space (#2a9dff & # a2a94b) :: projection into space occupied by acrylic pedestals from storage :: 2012 ::
Head of the Table - A Satellite of Smart Space

The authority that Southern Exposure has demonstrated over the past decade by conceiving and realizing so many public based art projects is the catalyzing factor leading to my submission. I would greatly benefit in both my growth and exploration; conceptually as well as technically, especially concerning public displays as I am increasingly drawn towards creating works intended for public places.

This legitimacy, coupled with your exhibition space, enables situations on varying scales that address the multitude of ways we experience our spatial surroundings, especially an environment’s ability to influence said experience. For instance, a public placed work (be it a video projection or mobile device enabled event) would lead to a more intimate, but still very public display within the gallery (the white cube) which would culminate with an architecturally manipulated space for solitary viewing; disparate parts interwoven so that they act both individually and cumulatively onto the space(s) they inhabit and the individuals within.

arbitrary rendering for an irrational space (#5d3453) :: improvised projection onto parking garage and adjacent building :: 2011 :: Yerba Buena Night

Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to present public based work, but never in conjunction with the gallery exhibitions my work was being shown in; your space, institutional knowledge, and funding are key factors in allowing me to further my intentions and expand my projects to the depth and size they are intended to be. Similarly, there are few San Francisco spaces materially equipped to realize multimodal exhibitions.

Lastly, I prefer to get as involved as possible with an institution that has allocated resources towards my practice. From volunteering to exploring every inch and cranny of the space and its inventories in order to better understand Southern Exposure and its relationship with its audience and the greater community. I hope that this wouldn’t be a problem.

Again, thank you for your time and consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

four channel lcd loop :: e4c @ 4Culture :: 2012 :: Seattle, WA ::

four channel lcd loop :: e4c @ 4Culture :: 2012 :: Seattle, WA ::

arbitrary rendering for an irrational space (#d1cecf) :: 2011

The Real and the Represented :: :: 2011

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